18. Dezember 2011

am i alone in your heart?

let's just turn this blog into a music-blog, shall we? there's just too much good music in this world and to know that i will never be able to hear all of it just freaks me out. anyway it's not that i have nothing to blog about, i went to bath a week ago and have loads of photos to show you. it's probaby even nicer than oxford. and i don't know why i've written this text in english, i guess i just felt like it. and i'm in england so it's kinda appropriate, isn't it? so ,what do you think of the song? xxxx


Klaudia B. hat gesagt…

nice blog :)
Klaudia B.

Priscilla hat gesagt…

ich hab das Lied auf meinem iPod :-D! Also finde ich gut hihi :)!